“I had the good fortune to meet Dr Jergens under dire circumstances.  One of our 3 year geldings kicked through a metal wind break while playing.  We made an emergency trip to Greeley with him and was met with a veterinarian that exuded professionalism and confidence.  She surveyed the severity of the situation, gave us clear options with possible outcomes to each and allowed us the time to make an educated decision about the future of this colt.  We made the decision to have the suspensory ligament surgically repaired.  Dr. Jergens spent an extra hour in surgery pulling minuscule pieces of metal shards out of the tendon sheath to ensure success.  Her time and dedication never waived over the next 10 weeks of antibiotic treatments, bandage changes and stall rest that she helped us manage at our own barn, for the colt’s comfort.  Hard work and commitment from this outstanding veterinarian paid off and Maximum Cash Return is now an outstanding asset to ACtion Racing Stables.

Over the course of the next few years we grew to trust Dr. Jergens with all of out veterinary needs.  Her resource base for specialists, in a broad array of fields, allows her an advantage with her diagnostic skills and as a client this was a huge comfort.  She always puts her patients first and her unwavering commitment to excellence makes her a clear choice for veterinary care in Northern Colorado!”

~Katie Hollingsworth, Something Wicked Speed Horses


“Although our case was terminal, Dr. Jergens was exceptionally helpful in establishing a diagnosis with her state-of-the-art equipment and equine veterinarian knowledge.   The Jergens displayed tremendous willingness to help, intuition, compassion and professionalism throughout our tragic situation.   We are forever grateful for the care they gave to our Buck and know they will be there for us and our future horse healthcare.”

~ Angela Chinn